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My name is Haley, and I'm the Co-Founder and Treasurer of FWCC.


Interview With / About Haley

At our Back to School Swap with LGBTQ Saves

What brought you to Fort Worth?

I've always loved north Texas and the ideas of having seasons and living above sea level. My husband is originally from here, and we decided, "why not move back?"

Where did the idea for FWCC come from?

Our kids! Long story short, all of us group members' children are always with each other. They stair-step each other as well, and the last thing you want as a parent is to see your child's clothes go to waste. 

With this, we created a system, of sorts, where the outgrown clothes would be passed down to another child smaller in stature. We loved the idea and wanted to implement in on a larger scale, so took to Facebook where we held virtual clothing swaps through different groups.

While we we loved what we were doing, we still wanted to do this on an even greater scale. beyond Facebook.  After one event, Kelly approached me with that exact sentiment, and that was that!

What are your goals for FWCC in 2024?

Connect communities with clothing.

I know it sounds kind of cheesy to use our slogan for that question, but it really is the truth. This is a two part slogan; to not only keep people warm, but to destigmatize this idea that "you have to be wearing the most luxurious brand."

We have spent a great year keeping people warm, and will continue to do so, but I also think it is ever-so pertinent that people stay comfortable emotionally in the clothes they're in. We want people to truly feel like they are their best self in these clothes because it is them defining what they wear, not the other way around. 

Any final thoughts?

You get a really cool tote bag that Kelly worked very hard on when you shop free with us!

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