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Fort Worth Community Collaborative (or FWCC for short) was founded in 2022 with the mission of creating the first true community-based clothing closet in Fort Worth.

The founders of FWCC met through another Fort Worth-based organization, Fort Worth Weird Moms, in 2019. 

As our president, Kelly, tells it, " It all started when Texas seasons began to change and we'd realize that our quickly growing children no longer fit into last year's shorts or winter coats. We'd trade our newly outgrown and gently used clothing with those that may need that size. I decided to make the seasonal clothing "swap" an event. I invited the moms from Fort Worth Weird Moms to my home, asked them to bring clothes that didn't fit anymore, and take something that does fit."


The first at-home event was so successful that we decided to help even more people and open it up to the community. We partnered with R.D. Evans Community Center on the westside of Fort Worth for two more successful clothing swaps in 2019 and 2020. The center graciously let us store the left-over items between swaps, and that was when the lightbulb went off. What if there was a clothing closet available at the center, along with all of the other amenities that they offered? 


We began researching, and quickly realized that the existing clothing closets in the area are hosted by faith-based organizations, school or PTAs, or offered to adoptive families only. These organizations do wonderful work, but they also exclude a large portion of the community who don't fit in to those three silos. 


By contrast, FWCC's community closet is open to everyone in the community. 


We partner with community and other resource centers on a "pop-up" style basis. We bring in a wide variety of clothing and accessories in all sizes and genders, and invite community members to come and shop. 

These pop-up events offer a direct path to resources where there are no waiting lists and no forms to fill out. We don't need to know your 'why', we're just here to help.

Our community closet is funded by donations of clothes, time and money from our community partners and volunteers. There will never be an item limit or a charge to community members for shopping.

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