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The Awareness To Your Donation is Crucial

We want to thank each and every one of you who has donated to our and, really, any charitable cause similar to ours. Seriously, FWCC cannot even begin to put into words the expressed gratitude of your selflessness to the community. Having said this, this post is not for you. Not that you will dislike what is about to be said by any means, but rather you're "in the know" so to speak.

This post is for those out there who WANT to donate, but are not entirely sure WHERE there donations would go. A word we've (not so subtly) coined as Donation Awareness. As the headline suggests, we understand. We really do! It is perfectly understandable to remain skeptical of where your clothes would go. For any and all reasons, be it the clothes hold sentimental value, or they were a costly purchase, or you just inherently and fundamentally would like to know where the clothes are going, we have you covered. Well, The Washington Post has you covered. We're just here to share the article.

In any case, the article spoke on behalf of Goodwill's Manager of Sustainability, Brittany Dickinson where she shared precisely for and to hesitant possible donors where exactly the donations go.

If you take anything away from this post and article, it is not that this is us wanting you to donate to FWCC. I mean, don't get us wrong, we would VERY much appreciate it. However, more than anything, this is a general awareness post; we want you to truly understand where your stuff goes in any and all capacity. Pun intended.

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