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"Down While Out" Does Not Equal "Down And Out."

Often while running a business, you will run into a myriad of complications. You will also run into a lot of down time.

These are not mutually exclusive characteristics. In fact, the biggest complication this past week was that there was not a whole lot going on. Whether it is sickness or life developments, our team here has encountered a few hiccups this past week, in some cases leading to cancelations of events.

There is a silver lining, however. You as a business have to know when you're "down while out," and not "down and out."

Down While Out, Not Down And Out

Having downtime can be an opportunity, if utilized correctly. They say that half of everything is strategy, and that is exactly what we have been doing this past week. We have understood what's working, and what could use improvement as an organization. This is the essence of "down while out."

"Down and out", on the other hand, can lead to negligence. It is a dangerous mentality to have. Indeed, the idea of "down and out" can lead to a business' members telling themselves they feel better than they actually do, or them having time that they actually don't. We do not believe in this in the slightest.

We realize we are absolutely, 150%, no-question-about-it.... human. We know we have limits and exceeding those limits could not only have dire consequences on the community, but ourselves individually and as a whole. We know if we are sick, to stay home. We know if we are spread completely thin at work, to not give a lackluster event to you.

We believe in the importance of time, and articulating that time. We believe in the utmost importance of seeing when we are in our own way, and not getting in it.

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