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Year (Plus Change) In Review

No, the headline was not intent on being a play on words, but we will gladly take it! We wanted to take a moment to reflect. A "Year In Review," as they call it.

There was always a much more specific vision than "giving people clothes," and we realize what we set out for as the non-profit continues from day to day. So now, we simply would like to take a moment to reflect on this journey that is Fort Worth Community Collaborative.

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When we began in 2022 with the slogan "Connect Communities With Clothing," it meant so much more than "What's Your Preferred Brand?" Truthfully, we wanted to take this idea and turn it on its head. Let the person, the community, the society define the brand, not the other way around. We sought to create the utmost of inclusive and diverse spaces by letting the city, the people define its unrelenting beauty. The brand was peripheral.

From Day 1, we yearned for this type of space. Like anything else, it took time to articulate. Last April, we understood the assignment, as the kids say. Finding the proper channels and partners, we metaphorically and literally found that space (or spaces.) With this, we sought to donate for every occasion. From the blistering cold to the blazing summers, we were there to ensure you had everything between down coats to swimming suits.

If you ask any one of us, we will each tell you the same thing: It hasn't entirely been processed yet. President Kelly Warner had this to say in a recent release:

"We are profoundly moved by the generosity of our community and the unwavering dedication of our volunteers. This initiative would have remained an aspiration without their selfless contributions"

In Warner's perpetually selfless charge to keep families safe, we now take aim at de-stigmatizing clothing insecurity. While a jacket should keep someone warm, that said someone should not be harassed or bullied for wearing the jacket. Rather, we seek for others to be embraced, and in turn, embrace others for the cloth on their back. As the slogan goes, our fundamental purpose is "connecting communities with clothing," and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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